ECS MA/MS Program

All Master's students are initially admitted to the M.Ed. program. Those who wish to pursue an M.A or M.S. may apply to the graduate committee after completing nine hours of departmental course work.

The M.A. requires a foreign language; otherwise the M.A. and M.S. degree requirements are identical. Both the M.A. and M.S. allow for a greater degree of individualized program design; there are fewer required courses and fewer pre-specified specialty areas. The M.A. and M.S. programs have a more academic focus and are geared towards developing research skills; correspondingly, they culminate in a thesis. If you are planning eventually to pursue a Ph.D., these programs would provide a good introductory foundation for that degree.


Core (3 hrs)

ECS 6600 -Introduction to Critical, Cultural & Curriculum Studies in Education

In addition, if your previous education has not included course work in multicultural education you should plan on taking a multicultural course (e.g., ECS 6631, 6632, 6633, 6634) as part of your master's program.

Major Study Area (18 hrs)

The normal pattern is 12 hrs. in your specialty area and 6 hrs. in an allied area (outside of ECS). These courses should be planned in consultation with your advisor.

Research Methods Courses (6 hrs)

At least two courses must be taken in either qualitative or quantitative research methods.

Thesis and Thesis Design (9 hrs)

Students must form a supervisory committee of 3 faculty to supervise the thesis topic, proposal, and research while registering for a minimum of 9 credit hours of ECS 6970.

Total (36 hrs)