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The ECS department has recruited a strong, diverse faculty and an exceptional group of graduate students of diverse ethnicities. By building a vibrant, energetic and diverse department, we are able to enjoy an exciting intellectual climate that brings together the insights of many different research traditions and many different groups. We have a mix of scholars with overlapping research interests and strong disciplinary roots. Two faculty members study the education of Indigenous people (Donna Deyhle & Cynthia Benally), two are educational sociologists (Leticia Alvarez, William Smith), one is a curriculum researcher (Karen A. Johnson), two are educational philosophers (Audrey Thompson, Frank Margonis), one (Wanda PIllow) in feminist studies, and one studies language and education (Veronica Valdez). Additionally, we have José Francisco Gutiérrez who specializes in cognitive development and math education. Added to our research interests, our faculty bring together life experiences of African Americans, Latinas/os, American Indians, Jewish Americans, and European Americans.

Many of our faculty have strong academic and service connections in Ethnic Studies & Gender Studies. Jointly appointed faculty include: Donna Deyhle on the American Indian studies faculty; Karen A. Johnson and William Smith on the African American Studies faculty, and Wanda Pillow is on the Gender Studies faculty. These faculty teach a variety of courses focused on the history, social, cultural, feminist, literary, political, economic, and linguistic contexts of communities of color in the United States.

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 Cynthia Benally

Cynthia Benally - View Profile
Assistant Professor
SAEC 3286

Donna Deyhle Donna Deyhle - View Profile
SAEC 3287
Maria Franquiz María Fránquiz
SAEC 3263

Leticia Alvarez

Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez- View Profile
Associate Professor
SAEC 3283
Jose Gutierrez

José Francisco Gutiérrez - View Profile
Assistant Professor
SAEC 3292

Karen Johnson Karen A. Johnson - View Profile
Associate Professor
SAEC 3295
Harvey Kantor

Harvey Kantor - View Profile
Professor Emeritus

Frank Frank Margonis - View Profile
SAEC 3289
Wanda Pillow Wanda Pillow - View Profile
Associate Professor
SAEC 3284
Will Smith William Smith - View Profile
Interim Department Chair
Associate Professor
SAEC 3286
Audrey Thompson Audrey Thompson - View Profile
SAEC 3285
Veronica Valdez Veronica Valdez - View Profile
Assistant Professor
SAEC 3288


 Michelle Turner

Michelle G. Turner
Academic Program Coordinator
SAEC 3280

jonaton lefler

Jonatan Lefler
Administrative Assistant
SAEC 3294
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