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Department of Education, Culture & Society

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ECS APEX program gets high rankings

The Department of Education, Culture, and Society's APEX program (Advancing Pathways toward Equity and eXcellence with Educators of Multilingual Learners) has been ranked 12 out of 50 NPD grant projects funded by the Department of Education. APEX is increasing Utah educators’ knowledge and skills for teaching multilingual learners and promoting literacy, and developing curricula, research, and practice briefs for evidence-based strategies for pre- and in-service educators of multilingual learners.  

The team beat out some stiff competition to land in the top 24% percentile of high performers, besting universities like George Mason, Texas A&M, Baylor, Purdue, and others. Led by 4 women of color, APEX is leading the nation in diversity through its educational offerings and through the example of its leadership team. 

To learn more about APEX, contact Dr. Josephine Amoakoh, Associate Director of the APEX project at

                  Dr. Veronica Valdez            Dr. Leticia Alvarez            Dr. Wenyang Sun            Dr. Josephine Amoakoh

                   Dr. Veronica Valdez                      Dr. Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez                   Dr. Wenyang Sun                            Dr. Josephine Amaokoh 

                  Principal Investigator                              Co-Investigator                                  Co-Investigator                              APEX Associate Director              


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Last Updated: 6/10/22