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Department of Education, Culture & Society

Go Beyond Community Engagement to True Partnerships! 


Interested in organizing and creating a community event that goes beyond engagement all the way to true partnerships? Then look at the 2023 Math  Symposium, a partnership between Dr. Jose Gutierrez in the Department of Education, Culture and Society and Roger Quinonez from City Academy. See how they are working together along with students and their guardians to deepen engagement and reach true partnerships. The Symposium brings together College of Education faculty, educators, guardians, and students to foster a love for STEM and prepare students for careers that will shape the future.  

New Graduate Certificate: Working with Native Communities

Effective Fall 2023, the Working with Native Communities graduate certificate will open to graduate-level students/learners from all majors at the University of Utah, including business, social work, education, health services, mining, and public office. Upon completing the Certificate, students will have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions required to respectfully work on contemporary concerns that impact Native communities.

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Last Updated: 4/2/24