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Meet our Department Chair

William SmithDr. William A. Smith brings exceptional skills to this leadership position as a researcher with national and international distinction, former administrator in our College of Education and the U, and as professor in ECS and Ethnic Studies. He also serves as the Associate Dean for Diversity, Access, & Equity in the College of Education as well as the Special Assistant to the President & NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. Dr. Smith is the co-editor (with Philip Altbach & Kofi Lomotey) of the book, The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education: The Continuing Challenges for the 21st Century (2002). His work primarily focuses on his theoretical contribution of Racial Battle Fatigue which is the cumulative emotional, psychological, physiological, and behavioral effects that racial microaggressions have on People of Color.

The Department of Education, Culture & Society currently has two job openings for:

Assistant Professor in Language & Education

Assistant Professor in US History

Assistant Professor in Pacific Islander Studies


Master's Plus Program

For Canyons School District ONLY
Applicaton Deadline: September 1, 2017

ECS 5645/6645 Enrollment Information

** Note: Section 001 is for Secondary Majors; Section 002 is for Elementary majors


Winners of the 2017 AESA and Taylor & Francis Past President's
Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Research

AntunesAna Carolina Fernandes de Bessa Antunes, U of Utah
Memory of Home and Islam in the Curriculum

Gardner SeawrightGardner Seawright, U of Utah
Whiteness, Ambiguity and the Phenomenology of Observing Race

Honorable Mention:
SlaterGraham Slater, U of Utah
Neoliberalism, Surplus Life, and Political Economy of Excess in Education

Harvey Kantor

Education Can't Solve Poverty - So Why Do We Keep Insisting It Can?

ECS Emeritus Professor discusses this in an interview with AlterNet >>

Veronica Valdez

Newly tenured Mexican-American women model success for minorities at the U of U. Leticia Alvarez and Verónica Valdez are among those featured inthis City Weekly article.

William Smith

"With the surge in hate incidents across the country following the 2016 election, campus communities need to understand and address acts of aggression."

Read the article here >>


Dr. William SmithUniversity of Utah scientists gathered in Provo, Utah, Oct. 15-20, at the American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Sciences annual meeting. Dr. William Smith was a keynote speaker, below is a summary of his talk:

The long-term effects of racial microaggressions on people of color in STEM.

Racial microaggressions are the relentless, exclusionary messages that people of color experience in white-dominated spaces. In response to such persistent discrimination, racially marginalized individuals suffer physiological and psychological stress, a condition that William Smith coined as racial battle fatigue. Astronomy and planetary science fields are among the many science, technology, engineering and technology work environments where racial microaggressions negatively impact underrepresented scientists. On Wednesday, Smith will discuss the definition, identification and the long-term effects of racial microaggressions and racial battle fatigue on women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in STEM.

Cynthia BenallyJose GutierrezJoseAt our ECS Annual Fall Retreat we welcomed two new assistant professors, Cynthia Benally and José Francisco Gutiérrez. A good time was had by all especially for José who won our wonderful gift basket!



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