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Hannah Bergstrom Wins Writing Center Award

Hannah Bergstrom, master's student, was awarded an Excellence in Writing award from the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. 

Hannah Bergstrom's Winning Paper

Hannah Bergstrom’s final paper for ECS 6600 was awarded the Writing Center's Excellence in Writing Award from the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Her paper was also presented at the Rocky Mountain Writing Center Association's TutorCon 2021 in March. Read below for Hannah's statement: 

My name is Hannah Bergstrom and I graduated from the University of Utah in 2019 with degrees in Writing and Rhetoric Studies and Anthropology. I am now pursuing a Master's degree in Education, Culture, and Society (ECS) at the University of Utah.

Throughout my undergraduate years I worked in the Writing Center at the U, and now enjoy being a graduate writing fellow at the Graduate Writing Center. I love writing and helping others through the writing process, and hope to continue pursuing these passions in my future career. 

ECS is an incredible program that critically examines issues of social justice in education. This program has allowed me the opportunity to explore challenges I come in contact with at the writing center through theoretical frameworks such as whiteness studies and critical race theory.

My paper "Applying Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies to Writing Center Training and Practice" explores the intersections between writing center pedagogy and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies (CSP) and shows how writing centers can take inspiration from the projects, programs, workshops, and strategies employed by CSP practitioners to address the issues that have been theorized about in writing center scholarship. 

I had the opportunity to present this paper at Rocky Mountain Writing Center Association's TutorCon 2021. I am very grateful to Annie and the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies for this award."

Last Updated: 8/31/21