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ECS Ph.D. Program (69 Hours)

Ph.D. Program of Study Requirement Checklist

ECS Ph.D. Core Curriculum List



Core Distribution (21) hours

The doctoral core distribution includes a choice of course work in each of the three major areas of the Department. All students must complete this work before beginning work on the preliminary examination.

  • History, Philosophy and Sociological Studies (6 hours)
  • Language, Culture and Curriculum (6 hours)
  • Educational Theory (9 hours)

First Year Review. Review fulfilled when student has completed between 15 and 18 credit hours. No course is affiliated with review.

Preliminary Exams (6 hrs.)



Allied Courses (9 hrs.) Allied courses should be taken outside of the ECS department.

Specialty Areas(9 hrs.). The specialty area is designed in consultation with your advisor. Typically, this includes nine additional hours in one of the two specialty areas within ECS: History, Philosophy and Sociological Studies; or Language, Culture and Curriculum.

Research Methodology (9 hrs.).ll Ph.D. students complete a minimum of nine hours of course work in methodology and epistemology. If students are completing qualitative research, they must complete one quantitative course. If students are completing quantitative research, they must complete one qualitative course.


Thesis Hours (minimum 14 hrs.)


Last Updated: 6/16/22