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ECS Master's of Education with Secondary Teaching Licensure 

Program Structure

The M.Ed. with Secondary Licensure degree and program is designed for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and have completed coursework equivalent to the teaching major in the subject area in which they seek licensure. Students simultaneously complete licensure requirements through the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE), and Master’s of Education requirements through Education, Culture & Society. The UITE also provides a program for students interested in a joint licensure program with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.

The ECS joint licensure program consists of a minimum of 64 credit hours.

UITE Program Curriculum:


Teaching Methods course(s) in content area(s) (3-6 minimum) license requirements only

ECS 2150+*^

Multicultural Education (3) Field: 18 hours Pre-requisite: Ethnic Studies license   requirement only

EDPS 3030+

Research & Inquiry in Education (3) license requirement only

FCS 5230 or ED PS 6050

Adolescent Psychology or Lifespan Development: Child/Adolescent (3)


EDU 6200

Teacher Language Awareness (3) Field:16hours

ED PS 6151

Educational Applications of Technology Grades 6-12 (3)

ELP 6410

Educational Law for Teachers   (3)

SP ED 6012

Inclusive Classrooms (3)

SP ED 6021

Principles of Assessment & Data Based Decision Making (3)

SP ED 6022

Principles of Instruction & Behavior Support (3)


 ECS 6645

Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Populations (3) Pre-requisites: ECS 3150, EDU 6200, SPED 5021

ECS 6709*^

Building Family-School Partnerships for Youth Success (3) Field: 32 hours Pre-requisite: ECS 3150

LING 6812*^

Content-Based Language Teaching (3) Field: 16 hours Pre-requisite: EDU 6200,   Pre/Co-requisite: ECS 6645


Fall Semester 7 hours

Up to three additional courses allowed during this semester, but must NOT conflict with required licensure course work

Limit additional field-based course work this   semester.

EDU 6490^

Field Practicum: Secondary (3) Field: 9 hours a week

EDU 6201

Seminar in Language Awareness (1 – online)

ECS 6715

Urban Education (3)

Spring Semester 12 hours   Pre-requisite: all pre-licensure and content courses must be completed prior to student teaching additional   coursework during this semester is highly discouraged

EDU 6491

Student Teaching Seminar:   Secondary (3)

EDU 6495+^

Student Teaching: Secondary   (9) Field: 12 weeks full-time license requirement only


+ Course counts only towards licensure, does not fulfill master’s requirements. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours is required to complete the master’s degree.
* Course has pre-requisites
^ Course has a field component, a cleared background check is required, see Application Procedures section for details.
For questions concerning the licensure portion of the program please contact the UITE secondary advisor: 

Urban Institute for Teacher Education

Secondary Advisor
Sara Hatch


Education, Culture & Society Master’s of Education Hours: 6 minimum

Students are required to complete 6 additional elective hours in the ECS department. For specific course requirement and offerings please contact ECS Academic Advisor, Jason Newnum. 

Education, Culture & Society

Academic Advisor
Jason Newnum

Applying to M.Ed. joint Secondary Licensure Program

ECS admission decisions are made once a year in February for admission to the following Fall semester. All ECS, University of Utah, and UITE admissions materials must be received by February 1st. Students apply to the Department of Education, Culture & Society, and the University of Utah Graduate Admissions Office simultaneously through the Apply Yourself portal that can be found on our Admissions Information page. Please contact Amy Wright, the Academic Coordinator, with all questions concerning the Apply Yourself application process. Please note that applications will be reviewed by both the ECS department and the Graduate Admissions Office. The Office of Admissions requires official transcripts from all previous universities attended. M.Ed. joint licensure applicants must submit a separate paper application to the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE). Applicants will not be reviewed without both the Apply Yourself application and the paper UITE application. The UITE paper application and application requirements are available at [BROKEN LINK]. Please review these documents carefully. Contact the Secondary Advisory Sara Hatch if you have any questions concerning the UITE application process. Students will receive notification from the department of ECS, Graduate Admissions, and UITE upon acceptance.

Last Updated: 2/6/24